Hi! I’m Moira.

Welcome to my home online. Thanks for dropping by! Family is everything to me and my husband, Brian and kids, Finn and Coco are my world.
I was born with a deep desire to live life to the fullest but up until a few years ago, I struggled - big time.
Since stepping into coaching just a few years ago, my whole life has transformed. I went from battling food addiction, being consumed with self doubt, struggling with my career and marriage to a life of freedom, being in the best shape of my life, finding a tribe of best friends, and having a thriving business that allows us to travel the world and build our dream life.
It’s become my life’s purpose to pay that gift forward and help other women find their extraordinary. Life is too short for anything less! 

I coach people in 2 ways- though my online accountability group and mentoring others to coach like I do. It’s said your destiny is shaped in your moments of decision. So what are you waiting for? 

My Story

I haven’t always lived a healthy life. In fact, I have forced my body to endure some pretty harsh abuse. For many years I lost the fight against addictions and I found myself living a life I didn’t even recognize. My story is one that will hopefully give you hope. The hope you need to make a change.
When I was a little girl I was enthralled with heath and the human body. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. To help people! I was an avid athlete and high achiever.

But then my life took a turn in high school and I fell into a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse.

By God’s grace I got sober at the age of 21. But just like a good addict, I put down one addiction and picked up another – bulimia.

For more than 10 years I struggled. This eating disorder beat me down again and again, but I kept fighting.

Over the years I slowly made progress. I found mentally and physically healthy ways to help with my bulimia.

The cure for anything
is salt water…
sweat, tears
the sea.

~The Deluge at Norderney

I became a pilates instructor and opened up my own studio. I loved helping people along their path to wellness which was also helping me along the same path. Then, in 2013, I opened up Blue Barn Juice Co. – a cold-pressed juice business. But all along this “healthy” road I was on, I still secretly struggled.

I would eat really clean, then binge on crappy food and the self-hatred would follow. I was on and off, on and off. Overeating was always an issue. I wasn’t overweight but certainly didn’t feel like I was in my right body either. While I was only carrying maybe an extra 10 pounds, what weighed more was the self-criticism and hopelessness of never being free.

I tried everything. I drank juice, ate paleo, raw, vegan, and saw holistic health practitioners. I ran marathons, did bootcamps, spin, barre, pilates, yoga, weight training. You name it, I tried it. I swore that if I ever found the answer I would shout it from the rooftops.

I finally did….

A combination of a nutrition plan that focuses on portion control, 30 minute workouts that I can do at home, superfoods that gives me the fuel I need to run my crazy life, and above all, a community that is in my back pocket ready to teach, encourage, laugh, struggle and celebrate each other on this path. I’m efforting less and getting WAY better results but most importantly, I’m free.

Where I was broken, I’m now whole. I used to dream about the strong, faithful, authentic, happy, generous person I wanted to be. Today, I get to live that. I’m a kinder wife, a more present, energetic mom, a more positive friend, an encourager. That’s not to say life doesn’t get messy. I’m the first to pull back the curtain on reality.

I know that every trial and struggle I faced happened for a reason. And that every trial and struggle you’ve faced has brought you here. It’s my passion and purpose to help others. It’s my hope that I get to help you!


Moira Kucaba

Top 10 Coach | Superstar diamond | Momprenuer |
Founder of Team Together Rising
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