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I quit dieting and started living – You Should Too

Quit Dieting

Have you ever sworn up and down that you were going to eat clean and stick to it? Even really wanted to? More than anything? 
and then…. god forbid, you’d go a little “off plan.” It the beginning of a slippery slope. You try not to but you feel the guilt, the failure, the “what’s wrong with me”, you just want to quit dieting. But there is always tomorrow and you make another promise. This time it will be different. But tomorrow comes and work and/or mom life pulls at you from every direction. 
You may have even hit the gym and eaten perfectly on plan, but somehow you are once again raiding the fridge and cupboards eating and eating and eating, way past the point of fullness.
You are not alone in turning to food to provide temporary relief from stress, anxiety, depression or many other emotions. You’re also not alone in the feeling of guilt that comes afterwards.

So, What’s the definition of an Emotional Eater?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Emotional eating is eating as a way to suppress or soothe negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness and loneliness. Major life events or, more commonly, the hassles of daily life can trigger negative emotions that lead to emotional eating and disrupt your weight-loss efforts.
Now let me explain a little more. I was in therapy for many years for disordered eating, and often asked if I was an emotional eater. I scoffed at the idea because I wasn’t crying about my life whir eating a tub of ice cream. I was just eating a tub of ice cream:). But then one of my wonderful therapists, made me look at it differently. She said, “most of us are emotional eaters. If you ever eat when you’re not hungry, you’re an emotional eater.” Wow. There is a wide spectrum for sure and we also tend to move around on it.

How common is Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating or Binge Eating is a lot more common than you might think. In fact, statistics from The National Eating Disorders association found that 3.5% of Women and 2.0% of men had binge eating during their life. (My guess is that its actually WAY higher because who out there is actually admitting to it??)
What does that mean? It means that Binge eating disorder is 3 times more common than Anorexia and Bulimia combined – Eating disorders that are spoken of much more.

Some of you may know, I’ve dealt with addiction throughout my life. Food was by far the trickiest one to deal with because. unlike drugs and alcohol, you have to still eat to live.

I tried every diet out there, low fat, low carb, the south beach diet, juice cleanses, The carbohydrate addicts diet, weight loss pills. I went to overeaters anonymous meetings, I went to speak to a therapist about the way I ate – and honestly – they didn’t help. It all made me want to quit dieting.

For me, anytime I’ve tried to follow a super strict plan– it made me crazy, and it put me in a place worse than when I started. I felt lost, and hopeless, trapped… The more effort I put into the battle, the more I struggled. I know some of you can relate to that feeling. But then one day – a couple of years ago I learned to eat intuitively, and honestly, learning how to eat in that way has been liberating for me and forever life changing!

So, what is Intuitive Eating? (Hint – Quit Dieting)

Intuitive eating helps us overcome the negative feelings that come with overeating, but also helps us rebuild a healthy relationship with our bodies and teaches us to listen to what our body wants and needs.

What I personally have found is that it was following a diet, with its strict rules and regulations that stopped me from picking up the signals from my body.

For me, Intuitive eating has taught me that I can eat whatever I want, but by listening to my body, I’ve learned that I WANT to eat things that make me feel better, whether that be physically or emotionally. Nothing is off limits. It’s been total freedom!

I’ve changed my relationship with food – and you can too. It’s time to Quit Dieting for once and for all.

If you want to join a group of people looking to quit dieting and learning to eat intuitively – feel free to join my group using the link below:

Monday Recipe

This may just be the yummiest and easiest recipe I’ve ever made. Oh yeah, and it’s uber healthy to boot! My whole family gobbled it up and for a mama who diesnt like to cook I kinda felt like Martha Stewart!…

Everyone Fails – Yes, Even You

Do you see failure as a negative? A reason to pack it in and give up what you’re doing because maybe this just isn’t for you? It’s time to change your mindset. If you want success in any area of your life, you can’t let yourself think of failure as a setback.

The truth is that everyone fails, and they fail more often than you think. Ask any successful person what they remember most about their career and you might be surprised to hear them talk about all the times they’ve failed. In fact, the most successful people have often failed the most. The difference? They’re comfortable with it and keep going!

Anything worth having takes risk
The reason why those who have achieved success are often more candid about their failures is because they recognize the risk that’s inherent in worthwhile ventures. There’s a risk to everything big or small, whether it’s a new startup business, a new relationship, or even a simple new year’s resolution to get healthier.

Accepting this risk means accepting that you may fail but also knowing that the failure is worth it. When I started my coaching biz, I took a huge risk. I walked away from a company that I had built where I had invested all my time, energy and money. I lost it all. I also took on judgement. That one was harder for me than the time and money lost. Was it going to be worth it? and what helped me overcome those fears and risks? The vision I had for my future and the knowing in my soul that has never steered me wrong.

Everyone Fails

That wealthy CEO you idolize, that person at the gym who is always giving it 100%, that friend who seems to have the perfect relationship? They have all failed, sometimes dramatically. Perfection is not what got them where they are. What got them there is an acceptance of their failures and a determination to not let anything stop them. I know for me, I have actually hit very FEW goals I’ve set for myself. I always set my bar high enough so that if I fall short, I‘ll be happy with where I land. Which goal would you rather fall short of – earning $100,000 or $1,000,000?

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Try viewing failure as a blessing on the road to success. Sometimes these detours are necessary. Sometimes the road is blocked and you have to find another way around even if the road is bumpier and the view isn’t as pretty. And the icing on the cake? You learn more. You build more grit. More inner strength. You become the person that knows how to navigate the roadblocks instead of quitting because of them. You become unstoppable.

In fact, the best, most insightful experiences come from straying off the beaten path. When viewed in that light, failure is nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply another adventure.

Learn From Your Failures, Both Big and Small
You can’t always prevent failure, some things are well and truly out of your hands, but you can always learn from it. Maybe you learn who in your life can be trusted or maybe you learn where your weaknesses lie.

Sometimes your failures are big and sometimes they’re small, but every failure is useful when you learn from it.

Failure is a blessing
In order to truly learn from your failures, you must change how you think about them. Buying into the negative stigma surrounding failure will keep you stuck exactly where you are. Detach yourself emotionally and look at it from a logical perspective. Ask yourself why this so-called failure happened and what, if anything, you could have done differently.

Remember, the fact that you fail is not what’s holding you back. It’s your reaction to it. The one thing that unites successful people in every field is a healthy attitude towards failure. Just keep moving, keep your head up, and never stop learning. Let’s go fail our way forward!