Memorable. Actionable. Game Changing. 

Keynote Option One

The Vision-Proof Success Loop not only helped Moira go from a struggling addict to a seven- figure strategist and coach, but she has since transformed thousands of women’s lives with this work.
It’s incredibly moving, super motivating, and applicable to each and every person. 
Your audience will walk away with a new mindset as well as the habits and strategy to transform every area of their life.

The Vision-Proof Success Loop

The 10 minute morning process that changes everything.

  • Discover the science backed daily habit to retrain your mind in order to focus on what’s necessary for achievement
  • Learn the 5 step vision process to create a new identity and get crystal clear on your next big life goals
  • Understand the psychology behind the power of focus and how it impacts your emotional/mental state
  • Learn how to use failures and obstacles as motivation to gain a new level of success, joy, and confidence

Learning Objectives

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Keynote Option Two

 Don’t just inspire your audience, give them the tools to radically change their performance, output, and overall life.  Having built a massive team of over 1000 people, Moira knows what it takes to both lead effectively and develop world class leaders. Her approach is unconventional, radical, and not what you've heard before. You will leave with an exact framework on how to cultivate true leadership and guide others to do the same. 


Radical Leadership

The three unconventional keys to true leadership 
and developing a kick ass team.

  • Discover the 3 pillars to build world class leaders 
  • Understand the difference between being a great leader and developing great leaders
  • Learn how step back & use vulnerability to build dynamic leaders

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