Hey there! I’m Moira Kucaba.

I’m a top fitness coach, self-taught CEO, beach and surf obsessed mama, confidence advocate, here for the type-A, balls-to-the-wall, can’t-stop-won’t-stop ladies.

Before I was a top fitness coach, I was the owner of a cold-pressed juice company and a pilates studio. But that’s not where the story starts.

Let's freaking go for it!

Six years ago, with two toddlers and a 60-hour work week at another job, I found my calling to be a health and fitness coach. In record time, I went on to become the #1 coach in the industry.

Honestly? I didn’t have a certain skill set. I didn’t know tons of people. I was insecure, fearful and full of doubt. But I was willing to learn and the journey literally rebuilt me, inside and out. I went from being insecure and afraid to being a leader and visionary. I worked hard and because of that my entire life has changed.

Now, I shoot to fail everyday of the week because I KNOW it’s the pathway to success.⁣ Helping other women rise is my calling in life

I’ve built a business that has changed my family’s life, generationally. With transformation comes an opportunity to turn around to help others. I want the same success for you.

I began life as a perfectionist, an overachiever, a type A personality determined AF. I was writing my ticket for success. Then, suddenly, I wasn’t.

After years of addiction, I found sobriety after 4 relapses.⁣ I found freedom from my eating disorder after failing in 5 recovery programs.⁣ I became successful in business in my 15th year as an entrepreneur. ⁣I stopped being so rigid with my food and started loving healthy eating again. Failure created my success because I didn’t quit.

Did you know...

I’m a Gemini & Enneagram Type 3, which means I’m pretty much a hustler by nature.


I’m a Cali girl at heart but feel toootallly at home at our beach house in the Lowcountry, where you’ll either find me on the beach with my people or squirrel away in my home office pursuing my passion of teaching women how to level up.


I’m a wife to Brian and a dance + baseball momma to my kids Finn and Coco.


Before I was an elite business coach, I owned my own pilates studio and a cold-pressed juice company.


6 years ago my life was forever changed the day I decided to get over my fear of what people thought of my and pursue the life that I was called to live.


Get the guidance you need to be the badass you know you can be so you can move mountains every damn day.

Dream life, this way →

Sacrifice feels better than regret.