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Get in shape with a fitness & nutrition plan, a supportive coach, and a community of women giving you the structure you need to make radical change.

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You’re here because you want to get fit.
But honestly? Your life could use some big changes, too.

Right now, it feels like all the workouts in the world couldn’t get you in shape. That pilates class on Youtube, your gym membership, and your latest diet aren’t cutting it.

You’ve spent SO MUCH TIME trying to get in shape. But nothing works for you. It’s making you feel crazy.

I’ve done it all, from bootcamps and half marathons to barre, yoga, and group fitness. 

Nothing works like this program because it’s consistent and scientific. No more guesswork, no more counting, no more eliminating food groups. 

Here’s why: The reason you’re not shedding the weight is because of your mindset. That’s right. The way you define your goals and believe in yourself makes all the difference. 

You can have all the tools but if you’re not working on your thinking nothing will ever change. 

Believe me, your life will change on every level when you tackle mindset alongside your nutrition and your workout plan.

When you’re part of a tribe of women cheering you on and supporting you, you’ll show up, dig deep, and rise higher than you ever knew was possible. 

What if I told you there’s a method to the madness?

It’s time to crush your workouts & your mindset so you can slay everything else in life.

Unlike other fitness programs that just give you workouts, you get it all— guidance, accountability, and community— so you can vision the fitness you want to have and go for it. For real, this time.

Here’s what you get when you become a challenger:

Access to a library of workouts, all designed to change your life in just 30 minutes a day. It’s like the Netflix of workouts!

Two go-at-your-own-pace courses on intuitive nutrition

Customizable nutrition plans that show you the science of portion control so you can enjoy your food & still lose the weight

Daily mindset practices that help you cut the negativity and get moving

You’ll also receive accountability from me, your coach, every day.

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Together, we can do great things!

Live weekly videos that hold you accountable to your dreams

A private community where you find your extraordinary, get support, and cheer on the Sweat Collective tribe so we can change our lives together

BONUS: Goal setting workshop to help you define your goals, create a vision, and reverse-engineer your desires so you can make them happen

Before & Afters

Having the support & accountability of the community is CRUCIAL to making lasting change.

Lifestyle changes take time. 

When you follow the right steps, you’ll get crazy results. These women changed their lives.

"The sense of community I feel as a challenger has truly made a difference in my fitness journey."

It is so empowering to be amongst like-minded people who are truly pulling for you. This isn’t even about the results-which are plentiful btw-it’s about creating a life you love. I have watched my pants become looser but the smile on my face has become SO much larger. Inside and out, choosing to begin this fitness journey with Moira as my accountability partner has made a world of difference. Thank you Moira!!!!

- Yasmeen Fadlallahding

Sweat Collective

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