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Moira is one of the most stunning people I have ever met - her heart is simply stunning! I was at one of my most broken times in my life. Physically I was in pain. I had gained over 100 lbs in 10 years after being fit my whole life. I wasn’t sleeping and I had no energy. For a whole year messages in my life continued to pop up telling me it was time to heal. That is when I met Moira. I had literally tried what I thought was every possible diet out there and concluded I couldn’t lose weight. Moira brought me into her community and I immediately started to lose weight! It blew my mind because I was so convinced I had tried everything. But even more importantly joining her team, being part of her coaching and the tools she provided me changed my whole life. I started to be that person I imagined being as an adult. I had energy for my kids again! And I was experiencing joy again. It’s been over a year...and now this community is just part of who I am. Moira believed in me more than I believed in myself and that was exactly what I needed for change. Meeting Moira and learning from her is on my top 10 list of the transformative experiences I have ever had.  - Stacey Thompson

The sense of community I feel, even just as a challenger, has truly made a difference in my fitness journey. It is so empowering to be amongst like minded people who are truly pulling for you. This isn’t even about the results-which are plentiful btw-it’s about creating a life you love. I have watched my pants become looser but the smile on my face has become SO much larger. Inside and out, choosing to begin this fitness journey with Moira as my accountability partner has made a world of difference. Thank you Moira!!!! - Yasmeen Fadlallah

I don't even know how to put into words how much this woman has changed my life on every level. I thought that when I was signing on to her team she was going to give me some business tips and send me on my way. I've never met someone who selflessly gives of their time, love, resources, & overall support like Moira does. She has completely transformed my business, but more than that I am honored I get to do life right alongside her as my soul sister! All the love! - Lauren Maniscalo

Are you wondering what in the heck an accountability group is?

Well, it’s everything.

Workouts: I’ve done it all! Bootcamps, half marathons, Pilates, barre, yoga, personal training, group fitness….
It’s all wonderful but it wasn’t until I found these workouts that my body really changed. For years, I made myself crazy and spent SO MUCH TIME trying to get fit. Why does this work? Because it’s consistent and scientific. There is an actual method to the madness. Trust me, I was blown away when I got in the BEST shape of my life in 30 min a day! You will be too!

Nutrition: again, tried it all:) Paleo, raw, vegan, low carb, Keto, Zone. For gods sake, I have certifications in nutrition and I was still lost. Then I found portion control. No more guesswork, no more counting, no more eliminating food groups. All the sudden I was eating more, enjoying food and the weight fell off. Mind blown! As I’m sure you will be too!

Mindset: This is my JAM! You can have all the tools but if you aren’t working on your thinking, nothing will change. This is truly where i tribe and what I love teaching the most. I’ve gotten so many emails about people coming to me to help them lose weight and low and behold their lives changed on every level because of the mindset practices I teach.

Accountability: I know for me, I will let myself down but I won’t let others down. I’ll be there checking in everyday. You’ll have a coach that you have access to at all times, not just once a week. Together we can do great things!

A tribe: Motivation, support, recipes, vulnerability and lots of laughs…. When you are part of a tribe of women that are cheering you on and supporting you, you’ll show up, you’ll dig deep, you’ll rise higher than you ever knew was possible. I have no doubt you’ll find your extraordinary and then be cheering on others!

So what do you say, let’s do this!

“It’s time to find your extraordinary.”