Public speaking has never been easy for me and I seriously used to get sick before events. While it hasn't gotten easier, I have found a space to inspire and lead others as they build themselves a better life.
I adopted the mentality to take the struggles of my past to change the course of my life. I believe ANYBODY can change their life! Take a look at some of my past speaking engagements. I hope they fill you with tons of inspiration and love!

NWC REPLAY: Moira Kucaba

If you want to get your new Coaches to achieve Success Starter, then don't miss this week's National Wake-Up Call featuring 4-time Elite Coach, Moira Kucaba. Moira describes how she reshaped her business by focusing on enrollment activities that create Success Starters instead of overwhelming them with business training or hitting numbers. Find out how to make your enrollment activities duplicable for your entire team and why a daily message thread is essential to hold everyone accountable and build a thriving community.